Hey yall!

How are you doing?

Like, no for real, How are you doing?

Anybody still trying to find balance while working from home or distance learning? Good. Me neither because I am realizing more and more that balance is almost unrealistic. I would like to think that I am trying to find my rhythm in this season. Here is why I threw away the concept of balance and adapted the idea of rhythm.

Have you ever experienced a time where you heard more bad news than good news? Like, it feels as though death is looming over everything and snatching everything you love and hold dear. This time in self-isolation has me feeling like this at times. I try to avoid hearing any more bad news but it finds its way to me. Do you ever wonder where God is in the middle of what seems like pure darkness? Wondering if he cares or if he is even aware of where you are.

Praise the Lord! It's been a while since I have used this greeting since we are not meeting in our physical churches. I miss it. I miss saying Praise the Lord 50 times when I greet someone and when I depart from fellowship. Ha Ha. We say it so much. But do you ever wonder how you can support and serve the church while staying home? There are many organizations and ways we can support first responders and essential workers, but we must not forget about the people that make up the body. This time of staying at home and self-isolation can really have us thinking well, no ministry stuff to do how can I serve my church from home?

Yes, I made up the word Ministryship.

This is what happens when I am cooped up in my house for more than a day. I make up words.

In all seriousness, I have been thinking of this thought while in self-quarantine and it has me reflecting on my relationship with God. I started to wonder how much of my relationship with God was based on the ministries I served on at my church. Is it possible to think that we have thriving relationships with God just because we serve on multiple ministries? Yes, yes it is. We replace our quiet times with God for revival services. We replace our personal reading time with our church Bible studies. We replace his voice with church programs and meetings. 

Spring is Here!

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Hey beautiful people! The time is here, Spring is in our midst (even though we can't go nowhere) that means a new Fab Fit Fun Box! I love this box and I wanted to share what is in this season's box and if I liked any of the products. So FFF is a seasonal subscription box where you get to choose some products you want and others are randomly chosen. This box costs $50 every 3 months so it's not monthly and I love that. I personally love skincare and that's why I love this box because I can try products I normally won't buy because it cost too much. You get enough products and other cool things for the price of $50!

Many emotions are felt at this moment. Feelings of fear, anxiety, uncertainty, and a plethora of other emotions. It just feels like we are all in a very scary movie. We're all waiting for the director to say CUT! THAT WAS GOOD! and we move on to some normalcy. Unfortunately, this crazy movie is our reality. God is not saying CUT, in fact, he is saying something else. When we wrap our selves in fear and anxiety we miss his still small voice in the chaos. We miss what he desires of us right now. I suggest that God has been talking, he has been knocking, he has been asking, and he has been seeking for his church to really listen and then go do the thing. Whatever that thing is for you.