Thursday, August 2, 2018

Summer Wedding Vibes

Hey, Beauties! I recently went to a friends wedding about a week or so ago and it was so fun. I have been to two "SAVED" weddings since I have been in the church.
and Yall...
This wedding was so fun and it was everything! It had the right balance of dancing, fun, and Christ-centered music. I honestly was not sure it was possible but this couple did it! Coming from a culture where African weddings are over the top and the music is questionable and etc. I am pleased that we can have fun and still honor God with our weddings.  Anyways this portrait mode on iPhones is amazing!!! I may get an iPhone just for portrait mode. lol!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Summer Adventures: Delaware

Hello, Beauties!! I really want to make the most of my summer this year! I don't just want to work all day and go home to scrolling on my phone. I want to make new memories and indulge in new experiences. Like finding new coffee spots and trying new things! I am looking for adventure this summer and it doesn't have to be traveling far away. But I can find new adventures right outside my front door. I went to Delaware this past weekend to celebrate my cousin's graduation. I took some photos (not many) of my time there. We only spent the Saturday there and came back on Sunday. Family is so important to me so it was amazing to see everyone and be in their presence.

How is your Summer going so far?

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Saturday Vibes

Hello, Beauties! I hope your weekend was relaxing and enjoyable. I took photos of a friend on Saturday and it was so fun. We went to a park and went to a cute little town where they had this bakery. We were in what seemed to be Sweet Heaven. Cupcakes, cakes, coffee, food. I was in utter bliss. The decor was so quaint and cute! We had lunch and a sweet treat to end our fun photoshoot! Sweet Indulgence in Cranston, RI is a place to visit if you are in the area. I recommend the canoli cupcake.

How was your weekend?

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Living My Life Like It's Golden.

Hey, Beauties! I don't know about you but I have issues with posing for pictures! I always seem to do the one above ALL THE TIME! When I try to do something different I either look constipated or just plain ugly. My first lady doesn't like the hand on the hip pose but it's all I know. How do you switch up your photos? I am just not photogenic enough. lol! I guess it's all about how comfortable you are in front of a camera.

Me trying to think of a pose:

Still struggling...LOL


All in the details!

AND we are back at square 1:

SISTERS make the journey more exciting! ❤️
Thanks for joining me today!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Bare Minimum

Hey, Beauties! I was in prayer and started to receive a word from God that is for me but I wanted to share it with you. I meditated on it randomly all day this past Friday. Hopefully, it all makes sense and encourages you to go all in and all out for Jesus. God spoke into my heart that doing the bare minimum will only get you the bare minimum blessings from God. The exceeding and abundant that God has is beyond doing the bare minimum. You can't get the exceeding and abundant life by doing the bare minimum. Why do that when you can get so much more from God? Why just stop at getting the Holy Ghost and baptism in Jesus name? There is always more to gain, more to discover. When you get stuck at the bare minimum things become mundane and boring. life in God is never boring until you stop being curious.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

iCongress Recap

Hello, beauties! You all are probably aware that I am a part of the COOLJC organization and every year we have a conference for the young adults in all the regions. It was an amazing experience and it should be experienced at least once.  The fellowship was sweet and so much fun. I love getting with like-minded individuals and discuss life. There were so many emotions and thoughts I plan on exploring since I been to this conference. The writing bug has hit me ya'll! So much inspiration to share and so much to study in the word. It's overwhelming. lol.1

The first night was amazing sharing photos and my outfits from the week!

(Cardigan: Savers/ Shirt: Target/ skirt: Savers/ Shoes: DSW)

Bathroom Selfies are always necessary.

(Jean Jacket: Torrid)

This day was the only beautiful day we had!

(jean dress: Old Navy/ Skirt: Savers)

This dress is so cute and fancy. You can't see the sparkly detail but its a stunning dress.

(Cardigan: Gift/ Dress: Macy's/ Shoes: Old Navy)

(Cardigan: JcPenny/ Dress: I Don't remember)

This Vendor was my favorite. I love books! The voice in my members told me "YOU DON'T NEED NO MORE BOOKS SIS!" So temperance, I bought nothing. lol.

(dress: Old Navy/ Skirt: Savers)

Last Night! Bitter Sweet!

(Dress: Grace by Design Boutique/ Shoes: DSW)

Sunday Best!

(Cardigan: Savers/ Shirt: Target/ Skirt: Fashion to Figure/ Shoes DSW)

At least ONE food picture. 😛

Mondays call for sightseeing and trying something new.


ATL was a pleasure to visit! The city is beautiful and the food is good!! Until next time ATL!