Hello, Beauties!!
God is so faithful, isn't he? He just finds new ways to bless us every day. I have had this desire to just be creative and make things or decorate my space lately. I don't know what it is but I am riding this creative wave until it dies down. I went ahead and purchased a clear laptop and fun stickers! I have always wanted a laptop decked out with fun cool stickers. What I did not want was these stickers directly on my laptop. A clear case offers me the joy and peace of adding sticker flair to my laptop without it being permanent. I just love how it all turned out and I plan on doing another one in the future.

Hey Beauties!
These past few months have been a rollercoaster ride of emotions and key events. From babyshower planning, Vacation Bible School planning, to the 100th COOLJC Convocation. Each event was back to back yall. Barely any breathing room but I thank God that August is here and I made it out!

Have you ever sat down during your quiet time with God and felt blocked? I have felt this many times, this used to discourage me from speaking to God. I felt like my prayers were just hitting the ceiling and falling back down on my lap. I haven't mastered this but these 6 ways have helped my quiet time immensely. 
What to do when praying feels like a chore, or connecting with God feels out of reach.

2019 Playlist!

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Hey Beauties! Welcome to a new year with new possibilities! This is the time of year where we all self reflect and create smart goals and mood boards. This year I decided to approach my year a bit differently. Honestly, I will most likely create a vision board and a list of goals soon! But I desired to create a playlist. Yes, I said it, a music playlist. I personally don't think this is a NEW idea, someone has done this before. 

Fall Pastel

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Hello, Beauties!
I was SO excited when I got this in the mail about a month ago. I wanted to try the products for a little bit before I posted about it. I will review the different products I received and if it's even worth the money! First off I love the design it is so fitting for the fall season. it reminds me of my 'Squad Goals' planner stickers they look similar to these characters. I actually still have the box so that says a lot about how much I love the box itself. Now I understand why small children ignore the gift inside and just play with the box. These products were too good to ignore of course.

Denim Dress

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