Lately, I have been more aware of how I internalize my emotions. I have always internalized things as a child and it’s still an issue today. In my time of prayer and fasting, I felt the Lord present a question to me. “Why do other people’s behaviors get to you so deeply?” Then I thought, “Why do you internalize so much?” Sometimes it gets to a point where I literally feel sick in my body. I realized I really take how people feel about me to heart.

The word of God illustrates the type of life that Glorifies God. Welcome to Part 2 of breaking down Romans 12:9-21 where we can see practical ways we can live to honor God and bear much fruit. I will say this has me looking at the condition of my heart with these scriptures.


Romans 12:9-21 is jam-packed with expectations of how a Christian should live. This is the fruit of an abiding, planted, faith-filled believer in Jesus Christ. Reading these scriptures has me wondering if my life looked anything like the pages of my Bible.


Hey, Beauties! I know it's been so long since I popped up on here and said hello! Consistency is not my strongest skill but one day it will be. This is my favorite time of year where suddenly I feel cheerful and in a giving mood. Speaking of the giving mood, this year has been tough on all of us. In one way, shape, or form we have been directly or indirectly impacted by this year's events. This Christmas season people are grappling around for some hope and cheer. Whether it's through decking the halls or buying gifts for loved ones. This year everyone could use some Christmas cheer through sweet gestures. Here are some ideas I am doing this year for those around me. Pick one and bless someone this holiday season.

Fall Kimono

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Hey! Fall is here and it is one of my favorite seasons! I hate the heat so this switch of seasons is what I need. One thing I love about this season is the cozy style and warm colors. I love this new addition to my closet, the colors are so pretty together and very Fall.


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Hey Yall! It has been ages since I made a style post! I think I want to get back to doing this more. I wasn't feeling like myself so I wasn't going to front like I was ok. Because I wasn't and that's ok! Am I better now? sure! I feel more myself and I am doing better at mental health checks and self-care! AMEN.

Dear Universe...

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These past few months have been an emotional one for some of us. Some would even say draining. It has caused many of us to search outside of ourselves for answers, for hope. Tragedy and trauma have a way of putting us in the position of searching for relief. What is going to release us from this despair and hopelessness? Most of us have reached the end of ourselves and we are looking for something to make up for what is missing. When we reach this place we tend to turn to many things for comfort and clarity. The concept of looking to the universe has been a popular one for centuries.