Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Fall Pastel

Hey, Beauties!
 I love a good pastel blouse in any season! This blouse is from Target a while back and it's a maternity top! haha. I can't be the only one who wears maternity clothes sometimes. They are so comfortable and there is room to grow. ha. I don't plan on growing though. I am all about style, feminity, and comfort. I celebrated a birthday last week so, I am 29 and comfort is my priority. Pretty blouses make any outfit shine. I am in the process of collecting more blouses. I just love how polished and put together they make me feel and look.

What are you loving this Fall? share below!
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Monday, October 29, 2018

First impressions: FAB FIT FUN

Hello, Beauties!
I was SO excited when I got this in the mail about a month ago. I wanted to try the products for a little bit before I posted about it. I will review the different products I received and if it's even worth the money! First off I love the design it is so fitting for the fall season. it reminds me of my 'Squad Goals' planner stickers they look similar to these characters. I actually still have the box so that says a lot about how much I love the box itself. Now I understand why small children ignore the gift inside and just play with the box. These products were too good to ignore of course.

Some of these goodies I have seen before and have always wanted to try. Glam Glow has been a brand I have wanted to try for a while but their products are SO pricey. The mask was wonderful I enjoyed the bubble mask and my skin felt good and clean. If you have the bank I would recommend the mask! As for me and my house, NAH. 😄

I have used just about everything in this box thus far and I am pleased with 98% of the products in this box. The wireless headphones were my least favorite item. They are not very loud so they just seem useless to me. Everything else I am still using except for the masks I only got two. Each item retails for a lot of money and essentially if you were to buy each item you would spend over $200! FabFitFun box is $50 which is a great deal to me. Seasonally billed and seasonally shipped.
I love the idea of trying full-size products that I can't afford on my own. Also, it's so exciting to get a big box of goodies in the mail!

Cost effective, great value!
You get to try expensive products you've never heard of.
Most of the products last for a season or so.
You get a big pretty box to turn into a DIY or storage for sticker books. 😍
You get to pick some of the items!
Everything is really good quality.

I have not yet found any. I love this box.
Depending on the subscription you won't be able to pick everything in your box.
Takes forever to come in. I got anxious. lol.

Bottom line, I recommend this box! If you have the budget for it, do it!
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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Denim Dress

Loving on my food baby. lol

Hey Beauties!
It feels like I haven't done a style post in a while! I love this denim dress it is the perfect fall dress. I added a black skirt underneath because the sides are a little short. I could probably get away with it if I wear black stockings. I attended a baby shower that was at a beautiful location and I couldn't help but have an impromptu photoshoot. Thank God for friends who are down to take your photos. 😜

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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Real Talk: Feel Your Emotions

Hey, Beauties!
Have you ever been in a situation where you had sincere feelings/emotions toward something but you block them? Instead of feeling, I tried to ignore them as a way to stay positive. So I FLOPPED this past Sunday while I was leading praise and worship. Ya'll I am not exaggerating, I started singing in a whole different key but the harmony of that key if that makes any sense. I don't know how my brain heard that but it did. I do have to say I was not immediately embarrassed. I was more so in my head like "really zainab?" The crazy thing was I couldn't stop so I was singing the wrong note for a while then I stopped. I drew a blank and I couldn't get another note out. Yo, I was stuck I basically froze. Thank God for the team!

But I found myself suppressing feelings so I wouldn't be sad or so I wouldn't beat myself up. A line from Shakespeare's Macbeth stuck with me this week. The line where Mcduff found out his family was murdered and this other guy basically told him to go after it like a man. Meaning don't feel just act. I loved Mcduff's response when he said, "I will feel like a man." He will mourn his wife and children however it comes out and then address it like a man. I was refusing to FEEL I just wanted to move on from the incident. People seemed funny to me afterward, maybe I let them down and ruined their worship that morning.
I'm sorry.

Monday night I found myself in prayer feeling so distant from God and so close to FEELING those emotions I should have felt on Sunday. I cried. I whined. I cried some more. It was a release for me since I didn't allow myself to feel my emotions. I think emotions are good, feel them. Allow yourself to feel because all you will do is bottle it all up and then explode. I exploded in the best way and in the best place, my prayer closet.  I realized I don't have to deny my feelings because I want to be positive towards myself. I can feel in the moment and then dissect everything through the lens of God's love. I do have to say I didn't feel shame or embarrassment in the moment but I felt loved. I felt like the child who was learning how to ride a bike and kept falling off when daddy let go.

God didn't love me any less because I messed up. He doesn't count me out because I dropped the ball. People might but God never will. Your flops are just as impactful to your growth as your successes are. God uses everything we go through for his Glory and our good. My flop was public maybe yours is private but whatever feelings come with it acknowledge them, feel them, then give them all to God. Giving things to God can be really hard but try it anyway. This journey we are on, we do not need extra baggage. The freer we are the better and easier this all becomes for us. I'm trying to live free and loved. I'm getting a hang of the loved part but I am still working on freedom.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Back to School Haul!

Hey, Beauties!
It's still back to school season (well to me) and I wanted to share some staple items I wanted to buy for this season. Shopping for any season is fun but I do love Fall/ Back to School shopping. Some things I have not tried for long but I can give you updates on later. Thumbs up so Far!

The start of a school year means some new planner stickers so I stocked up on some season stickers and functional ones for my planner. Oh So Paper is one of my favorite places to find cute planner stickers that look like me! I also bought the sticker book but it's mostly a photo album. The Happy Planner stickers are my favorites! They have tons of styles and colors. Michaels carries these for 20.00 but I bought them on sale. These sticker books last a long time so it's worth the money. The pens were also from Michaels and are useful for planning out my weeks.

I needed new makeup brushes and these BH Cosmetic brushes are wonderful. I bought a set and they have been amazing so far. the bristles are soft and the application is flawless. I also had to try the new NYX Can't Stop Won't Stop foundation. I loved that I could find my shade! affordable foundation in my shade is very hard to find. NYX did an amazing job with this launch. It is very drying but my skin is normally dry and this foundation is Matte which I don't mind. I have never used blushes before but I wanted to try some and Black Radiance in Walmart has some nice deep colors for darker skin tones.  The blushes bring color to my face and give me a nice glow.

Remember when I said I have dry skin? well, my lips get dry pretty fast as well so I am constantly lubricating them so they don't crack and hurt. I love the Shea Moisture lip balm it really does a great job at keeping my lips moisturized for a decent amount of time. I don't love the smell of this one but I love the formula. I have been so into skincare lately and I have had my eye on Urban SkinRX face wash. I have been using it for a couple of weeks and I am pleased. My face feels clean and there aren't as many breakouts. I buy mine from Target since it is way cheaper there. 

Lastly, I wanted some fall colored sneakers. These are not the best quality but they get me around.  I bought mine from Walmart for just $5. They are $5 quality shoes so if you want better quality don't get these. I don't mind the quality and my feet don't hurt at all when I wear them all day. Camo seems to be in this season and I made a spontaneous purchase and bought a vintage camo jacket. Y'all I love this thing! It is so stylish and comfortable. It wasn't bad in price just about $40 at my local vintage store. Vintage shopping can be pricey but I'm glad I found this jacket for a decent price. I can't wait to style it for the fall.

Thanks for stopping by BTM! What was your Back to School list?

Thursday, September 13, 2018

RealTalk: Journey to Healing

Hey, Beauties!!

Life is composed of mini journies with moments and experiences. Some shape us as people and build our character. Some journies are good experiences and some are bad ones. No matter what condition our journey is in there is always something to take away from the experiences. I am on my own journey of truly seeking God about how I see and value myself. I wouldn't call it a "self-love" journey but it kind of is. I know there is this self-centered view of seeking self-love but my approach is very different than what society calls a self-love journey. First off I am seeking the Kingdom first and all its righteousness knowing that everything else will be added unto me (Matt 6:33). It's important to me that I make sure that this journey is Christ first and Christ-centered. The moment I fall off on praying and reading my word my focus is off. Seeking self-love in Christ is not a bad thing, it's actually expected of you. Not only does God find us intriguing and worth dying for, he wants you to see that too.

Satan's big plan is to keep you from realizing who you are in Christ. Once you fully understand that he is in some trouble. You won't accept lies so easily, you won't settle when it comes to anything in your life. It's truly freeing to come to the understanding of who God created you to be. I am in the process of seeing me the way God sees me. It's honestly hard, like very hard and there are some days where I would rather not know or understand. I would rather live lies because it's easier than knowing the truth. I feel that way sometimes because then I am now responsible for the knowledge I received. Once I am aware of the truth I can't tell God "well, I didn't know." I am now accountable for my actions and decisions.

I plan on sporadically sharing my thoughts with you all. I think documenting this would be beneficial for those who are in their own experiences but also for me. Typing my thoughts out helps with the healing process. Thank you for reading and stopping by! Big shout out to my faithful readers I love y'all so much! This segment will be called RealTalk but it may change since RealTalk is overused. Got any suggestions? Share below!

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Summer Adventure: Virginia!

Hey, Beauties! I went to Virginia and documented some of the trip. If you follow me on Instagram I posted on my stories a lot. Here are some snapshots of my fun trip with some amazing people.

Long day of driving, you can see it on my face. lol

cute cute! Great couple! had to document the beautiful people before they went off to their event.

After pool time and some relaxation, my best friend hooked my face up! Definitely, more makeup than I am used to but I loved it.

On our way back home we loved the view and I had to have a mini photo shoot. lol

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