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The purpose of Beatifies The Meek is to encourage and inspire women all around the world to live fully for Christ. To provide modest style tips and ideas for the everyday woman. Beautifies The Meek is all about celebrating the place a woman has in this world, in the church, and most importantly in Christ. This blog is beyond denomination, my prayer is to reach every woman from all walks of life with the love and gospel of Jesus Christ.

About ME!

The hardest question in the world to answer is:


Like how do you answer that! lol. well here it goes,

My name is Zainab, I was born in Massachusetts raised in Rhode Island by a loving mother who sacrificed so much of her happiness to give me a great childhood. and she succeeded. I am in my 20's and I am all about taking advantage of my single season and walking into what God has for me. I love clothes and pretty things! Dressing modestly is very important to me and it is my priority to represent Christ the best way I can. Jesus is my heart, I can't talk about myself without mentioning his presence in my life. He makes me who I am and my identity is found in him. My ultimate desire is to live my life abundantly and Glorify God through every creative outlet. I am currently working as a Pre-K Instructor. Working on my Bachelor's Degree and looking to major in writing and minoring in music. I have an associate degree but I am looking to go higher in my education. Music is definitely my ministry I am on every music ministry at church lol. Praise Team, Choir, etc. It's where I feel most at home and it challenges me to trust God and not my talents! I am laid back and I enjoy food especially SWEETS! I have a serious sweet tooth that is NEVER satisfied. smh. no cavities though. lol. I love to learn new things and grow as a Christian so books are essential for me.

25 Random facts about me!
P.s. Judge me not! lol

1. I am an Aunty
2. I have always wanted to own a Starbucks cup. I don't know why! especially the pretty sparkly ones.
3. Green Tea is Bae
4. I love to write songs
5. I wash the mouth part of the can before I drink from it
6. I love Black. Black people, Black cars, Black furniture. Black is chic.
7. I really love singing Soprano, But I am not a REAL Soprano
8. I brush my teeth for at least 6 min. they need to feel clean
9. I have a love/hate relationship with my hair
10. I don't really like to read but I love books
11. I could spend hours at Morning Star, that store is so peaceful
12. I like shopping alone, I am very indecisive
13. The Kardashians are my guilty pleasure. *I need deliverance*
14. My favorite color of ALL TIME is Purple
15. I get bored with music easily. Always need to freshen up my playlist
16. Hate rollercoasters
17. Doughboys/Fried Dough is my FAVORITE
18. Ben & Jerry's milk and cookies is OMG
19. I stare at people's teeth and gums while they are talking
20. I am horrible at communicating my feelings
21. I own a lot of clothes that don't fit me
22. My friends are my family
23. I wish I had like 5 other siblings (I love big families)
24. Photography is one of my favorite hobbies
25. When shopping I am super picky. so I check something really well for dents or marks before I buy it.

So that's ME! have any questions you can leave those below!
Thanks for stopping by!

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