Monday, January 2, 2017

7 Ways To Start Your Year Off Right!

Hey Beauties it is the start of a new year and everyone is anticipating on setting goals and doing great things in 2017! We all have this desire and excitement when the year starts off but then somewhere along the line all of the excitement and desire wears off. This year I am hoping to keep my excitement high until the end of the year and keep it flowing. Who knows exactly what 2017 holds for us but I do know that good or bad they are all learning experiences, stepping stones, and training grounds preparing us for what God has in store. Perspective is everything and also how you start is important!

Figure Out your Purpose. What has God placed in your heart? What is that one thing that sets your soul on fire? Think about what you see yourself doing and how it can add onto the Kingdom of God. Our purpose should not be selfish but it should have a positive impact on the society you live in, the people around you, and the Kingdom of God. Figuring out your purpose can be difficult for some and simple for others. If you are having trouble find people in your life that you trust and that are spiritually sound. There is a young lady that I admire and She has amazing advice and has been called to help people figure out their purpose. They call her the purpose pusher <---Click the link for More!

Prayer. Prayer is KEY! You can't do this year right without prayer. My church always does a consecration every beginning of a new year and this year we are doing it in January. This helps us to reset our spiritual lives and purge anything out that may have lingered into the new year. This also helps for the congregation to get on one accord. Prayer and fasting can bring everything into perspective and can give you the time to listen for what God whats you to do. We have this habit of listening to everyone else but God. Prayer gives you the opportunity to hear him clearly and fasting makes his voice clearer. Pray about your purpose and your goals he has great things set up for you to claim and receive.

Remove Distractions. Just do it. Every distraction in your life, get rid of. Now if you are heavy in ministry and your phone is a distraction to you; I wouldn't get rid of that lol. Pray for God to help you not be so attached to your phone. Go to a coffee shop if the TV distracts you from setting and meeting goals. I actually had to get out of the house in order for me to plan at least the first 6 months of the year and write this post. If I stayed home I probably would've been laying around doing nothing, that's not productive. Figure out those distractions and say goodbye. Some are easy to let go of than others but you can do it.

Set Realistic Goals. Plan. Deadlines. I know this seams like a lot, and it is. lol. Nothing great comes easy it's going to take hard work and dedication to get those goals met by 2018.  I have many so that means I have a lot of planning to do. There are plenty of ways to help with planning whether it's using google docs or a huge planner. Whatever your vice, use it. For example in my google doc I have deadlines for all of my posts up to June and I am not perfect so I may or may not meet these deadlines. I plan to do so and I set realistic deadlines and goals. Don't set a deadline for yourself that you know you won't be able to meet. Also, don't beat yourself up if you don't meet goals or deadlines. As long as you did your best that is all that matters! So set realistic goals, plan them out, and set those deadlines!

Don't Share Next Moves. Be Careful Who You Share Your Goals/Dreams With. Not everyone can handle what God has spoken into your heart. Remember Joseph? He had an amazing call on his life and the mistake he made was telling everyone the dreams God placed in his heart. He wouldn't have gone through all of those tough experiences if he kept them to himself. Everything did work together for his good. To him, didn't matter how he got there all that mattered was that God spoke it so it was going to happen. When God sets your life up it doesn't matter what people say or what the enemy does. It will happen. I have dreams that God has spoken into my life but I won't share only because people can be discouraging even if that's not their intention. Write them down if you can't hold it in. Pray about them out loud in your room. Share when it's time to share them.

Start. And Keep Going. The biggest obstacle I have is starting, and I know I am not the only one. Starting anything can be hard whether it is a business or a ministry. Two things usually hold people back from starting and they are Fear and lack of resources. Fear is a vicious demon, yes it is. I have dealt with fear since I was a child, we know each other well. Fear is crippling and destructive, destroys dreams and keeps you from receiving his best for your life. You can either have fear or God's best, they do not coexist. I am learning that now. Lack of resources can be discouraging but we serve a God who takes our little and can make it much! All we have to do is bring our best to him and he will make up the difference. Nobody has it all, we all need God's grace and power no matter how gifted we think we are! So just start; Keep going even if resources aren't there he will provide.

Enjoy The Journey. I can't stress this enough! ENJOY YOURSELF! find joy in the little things, in the obstacles, in every moment life is short. I think 2016 helped me to realize just how short life is with all that we hear on the news. There go I but by the grace of God! It is only by his tender mercy and grace!!! God wants us to enjoy this life he has given us, abundantly. Not only do we have life after this one but there is so much he has in store for this life. The life we are living now is the only space we have to make a difference in our communities and society at large. Don't waste it. Don't just exist in it. But live it! Enjoy it!

Happy New Year!! Make 2017 Count! Let us declare and dedicate ourselves to a prosperous year filled with God's power!

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