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Last updated: June 2017

Beautifies the Meek is a blog written and run by me to encourage and inspire young Christian women in the faith. Please read the terms and conditions carefully in regards to this blog.


All content is created by me, I write all of the content on this blog. If there be any guest posts or material that isn't written by me then I will clearly state so within the post. Every product I recommend or share my opinions on is totally my own. I purchase the products and clothing I recommend or style unless I say otherwise.


All reviews will be HONEST reviews and they will all be my own unless I state otherwise. I will tell you whether I purchased the item or if it was given to me. Reviews will be only on things I love or things that relate to Beautifies The Meek.


If I get involved with any affiliate links they may be within a post. These links may grant me a small commission when you click and purchase any items from that link.


All photos used on this blog are either my photography or it is from a site called Lightstock. If you want to use any of the photos please contact me via email. You may not use my photography without permission.


Any information collected by Beautifies The Meek such as emails will be kept private. I will not sell your information to anyone. They will be kept on an email list where I may send any updates on the blog.

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  1. Hi Zainab! Just letting you know that I added your website link to my blog so that my visitors have a chance to visit and see your awesome content :)

    If you would like to add mine as well, the URL is

    God bless and loves!!! <3

    1. ok thank you!!! I appreciate that and I would love to add your link to the blog!