Wednesday, April 18, 2018

iCongress Recap

Hello, beauties! You all are probably aware that I am a part of the COOLJC organization and every year we have a conference for the young adults in all the regions. It was an amazing experience and it should be experienced at least once.  The fellowship was sweet and so much fun. I love getting with like-minded individuals and discuss life. There were so many emotions and thoughts I plan on exploring since I been to this conference. The writing bug has hit me ya'll! So much inspiration to share and so much to study in the word. It's overwhelming. lol.1

The first night was amazing sharing photos and my outfits from the week!

(Cardigan: Savers/ Shirt: Target/ skirt: Savers/ Shoes: DSW)

Bathroom Selfies are always necessary.

(Jean Jacket: Torrid)

This day was the only beautiful day we had!

(jean dress: Old Navy/ Skirt: Savers)

This dress is so cute and fancy. You can't see the sparkly detail but its a stunning dress.

(Cardigan: Gift/ Dress: Macy's/ Shoes: Old Navy)

(Cardigan: JcPenny/ Dress: I Don't remember)

This Vendor was my favorite. I love books! The voice in my members told me "YOU DON'T NEED NO MORE BOOKS SIS!" So temperance, I bought nothing. lol.

(dress: Old Navy/ Skirt: Savers)

Last Night! Bitter Sweet!

(Dress: Grace by Design Boutique/ Shoes: DSW)

Sunday Best!

(Cardigan: Savers/ Shirt: Target/ Skirt: Fashion to Figure/ Shoes DSW)

At least ONE food picture. 😛

Mondays call for sightseeing and trying something new.


ATL was a pleasure to visit! The city is beautiful and the food is good!! Until next time ATL!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Winter Fire Recap

[Cardigan-TORRID, Lbd- Old Navy, Shoes- Target]

Winter Fire happened last weekend (got caught up in school couldn't post) it was an amazing time! If you ever have a chance to go to the conference it will bless your life! Winter Fire is 3 day event Thursday night, Friday, and Saturday morning. Every year I go I am challenged and transformed in new ways. It's a UPCI conference in Connecticut, the speakers are phenomenal and the Music is amazing also.

Although I go to Winter Fire for the word, worship, and sweet fellowship I do have to look like I know how to put an outfit or two together. UPCI women mostly look like they have all of their stuff together lol! I wanted to keep things simple floral and stripes are always a great way to go when choosing looks. Style is about personality! You can be modest and stylish and it can reflect your beautiful personality.

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Classic Monochrome

 Hey Beauties!! I am an usher at my church and our uniforms are white on top and black on the bottom. I always make sure even though I am ushering doesn't mean I should look frumpy. I would consider myself to be a stylish usher. The souls that step into our church doors should see a well put together usher. Ushers are sometimes the first people guests see so making the first impression a blessed one is important. The life I lead and the spirit of God overflows to the outside so my style reflects the spirit. Thankful to be a gate keeper at his house and grateful for God blessing me with style so I can look decent doing it. ha!

Monday, January 22, 2018

Seeking Perfection

Hey Beauties! I loved this outfit and just felt like man I need to document this! I wore this same outfit to a fellowship this past weekend and I decided to wear it again on Monday. The dress is from Old Navy and I love how it feels and it really compliments my shape well. I do have to add another skirt underneath but it's cool! What is new? lol. The scarf is actually made by my sister if you are interested in a custom made scarf shoot me an email!

So I have been obsessed with perfection. I really do care about this blog and all of my readers! I want to give yall the best content I can come up with and lately I have been picky picky and dry. While reading other style blogs for inspiration I compare where I am with this blog and I am not pleased. I want perfect pictures that capture these staged perfect moments and create dope content with some amazing aesthetics. BUT that's not where I am and that is just not totally me. I would love a personal photographer but I just have me and my Canon Rebel T3i we out here! haha. I can't get hung up on perfection. My ultimate desire is that my blog is helping someone. That's more important than perfect crisp photos. I do strive to get nice photos but I don't want that to deter me from posting on here! More style posts coming!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Welcome 2018!

*Not a sponsored post*

Hey, beauties!! Happy New Year! How has your 2018 been treating you so far? I hope it's going well! One thing I love about a new year is a NEW planner. I have raved about planners last year and the benefits of actually using a planner. I still feel the same way! A fresh new planner encourages me and represents a clean slate. The empty pages are ready to be filled with goals, plans, adventures, stickers whatever you decide! Although this planner pictured above states I have a well-planned life it's not true at all I just loved the flowers. I have a thing for flower print on anything. 

This is called The Happy Planner and I usually buy mine at Michaels but I'm sure they are sold in other craft stores. This was my first Happy Planner and I am proud to say for 2018 I got another one. They are flexible in that you can fill it in with anything. I also love the pages where you can add your goals for the month and other fun details. The design is slick and easy to work with from day to day. GET YOU ONE!

My newest planner has more of a Christian vibe which I am in love with and it has flowers on it. Y'all already know the deal. This was on sale and it was a bit different. I had to add the dates and months to it but I love it! 2018 is going to be a year of believing God for the dreams in my heart. Dreams stay dreams if there is no vision or a plan attached to them. I want to see my dreams come to reality so I need a planner to work on goals and keep myself accountable.

You don't need a fancy planner to stay on top of things you can get a cute planner from dollar tree! They are just too small for me, I have large handwriting. Planner stickers make things so much more fun. Oh So Paper Co. have beautifully made stickers and I look forward to planning every week. The company who makes these planners also have planner stickers and man, if I had bank I would buy all kinds of stickers. These planners are pricey and so are the stickers but they last a while!

Do something different this year. Make this year your year! No matter what happens this year keep your hope in Jesus. Give him your plans and aspirations, he has a reputation of taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary! I am ready to tap into the more of God and into all that he has for me! I hope you are too.

~ You were made for such a time as this. ~
Happy 2018!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

2017 Favorites: Beauty Edition

This is my favorite foundation because I finally have my shade! Also, it is affordable. There may have been brands that had my shade but they were a bit pricey this foundation isn't too pricey. I love the lightweight formula and how it resembles my skin. The lip gloss is also a favorite but I do have to admit that this lip gloss makes my lips crack or peel. Not too much but I can feel the difference when I use it. I don't use it often but I love how it makes my lips look. I don't care I love it. lol.

2. Juvia's Place
As you can see this is my only and favorite palate. I love neutral colors so this palate spoke to me and it said: "you know need me, so buy me now." I listened and I don't listen often. I don't care for bold colors so I loved the warm shades of gold, copper, and brown. These look so well on my dark complexion.

Mauve Over ⧭ Mented #5 ⧭ Send Nudes ⧭ Brand Nude

You already know how much I am in love with these things. Their lipsticks and glosses are amazing! They don't last all day long but they are still wonderful. They fulfill a black girl's dream of rocking a fabulous nude lip. The shade Brand Nude is a bit bright for me so I use it when I put on a darker lip color. Other than that no complaints! Definitely a favorite of 2017!

4. Elf and Real Techniques Brushes
I am such a stingy girl when it comes to brushes. I don't go the extra mile with my makeup I like a natural glam so I don't need too much. These inexpensive brushes do the job well. They blend well and doesn't suck up all the product. Elf brushes range from $1.00 - $6.00 and that is amazing to me.  Real Techniques is ok in terms of the price I bought this orange brush for around $6.00. It was money well spent! I love my techniques brush so worth it and possibly my favorite brush out of the bunch.

5. Concealer, Elf eyebrow gel, and NYX lip liner
I am all about saving money and finding drugstore options that work for me! L.A. Girl Pro Concealer is amazing it brightens my face and gives me a beautiful glow. I used to think it was too light but as I use it I realize that this shade is perfect for me. blends well with my foundation and doesn't leave me feeling cakey. I just recently got into actually putting the effort in my eyebrows and this Elf eyebrow gel is perfect. A little goes a long way. NYX lip pencil in Club Hopper is everything I have always been searching for in a lip pencil. I would always end up getting shades that were way to light for me. When I found this I was excited to give it a try and now it's a part of my everyday lip combos.

Man honestly this one right here is pricey. I actually waited until I got a coupon in order to actually buy it. I never used a primer until now and I am in love. My forehead gets too oily and this keeps everything looking matte and flawless. Definitely a favorite of mines and a product I will be buying again, on sale of course.

I would see this around and people swear by it! I was hesitant to buy it because I was just tired of buying products that didn't work for me in the end. I am proud to announce it is working and my skin is looking better! I use this every day as my toner when I wash my face in the morning. Had to add this to my favorites list!

Some advertisements on Instagram are actually worth looking into. This face cleanser and toner are doing great things with my skin. I feel like my skin loves these products and I feel so fresh and clean when I wash my face. There is a fragrance to the cleanser but it doesn't seem to bother me. I also really love that this company was started and is run by 2 African women! I love seeing women start and do amazing things!

9. Bolden Shea Oil
My skin is super dry and this oil moisturizes my skin well. I love the smell and actually, this is a popular one that seems to sell out quickly. I do wish that the bottle was bigger. It's small for my liking but it lasts a long time. This is very pricey to me for the size but I gave it a try and I love it! Smells amazing and does the job.

10. Mario Badescu & Ultra Repair Cream
Rose water has been something that I have wanted to try for a while now. I researched a lot and I would see this brand among others. I like the spray and how inexpensive it is. only $8 and lasts for such a long time. The cream is used as a moisturizer and to be honest, at first I was not feeling this product. I usually buy Clinique's Moisture Bomb but I just wasn't into the price so I settled for this one. This cream works ok and sometimes it burns especially when I use my Clarisonic. I continued to use it and I am not mad at it anymore. I do feel like if I don't use enough my face becomes dry during the day. It's a favorite because the smell is great and the consistency of the product is what I look for in a moisturizer.

My aunt gave me her wipes and I became so in love with them. They take off makeup with ease and they don't burn your eyes! I like how simple and gentle this brand is. These wipes are my ultimate favorite.

So remember when I told you I had terribly dry skin well lotion has been a struggle for me to find. I could never find one that really brought the moisture back to my skin. Both the body wash and the lotion are life savers for my skin. I don't use any other body lotion other than this one. My skin drinks up any moisture it can get so I need an intense lotion. My ultimate favorite and I probably will never get another kind.

13. Cup O'Coffee
Lush is my absolute favorite place to get face masks and scrubs. This coffee scrub is wonderful and I love the smell. I don't use it as a body mask but I love it on my exfoliating days. This leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed.

14. Organix Biotin and Collagen
So recently I finally got a silk press done and the hair stylist was amazed at how my good my hair looked. I have always used this brand since I started on my natural hair journey. Both the shampoo and conditioner have been my go to. My hair is so healthy and its growing so much. I switch shampoos and conditioners a lot but this I just may keep around.

What are your favorite beauty products in 2017?
I have many but this post is long enough. lol.
Enjoy the Christmas and New Year season!