Wednesday, April 18, 2018

iCongress Recap

Hello, beauties! You all are probably aware that I am a part of the COOLJC organization and every year we have a conference for the young adults in all the regions. It was an amazing experience and it should be experienced at least once.  The fellowship was sweet and so much fun. I love getting with like-minded individuals and discuss life. There were so many emotions and thoughts I plan on exploring since I been to this conference. The writing bug has hit me ya'll! So much inspiration to share and so much to study in the word. It's overwhelming. lol.1

The first night was amazing sharing photos and my outfits from the week!

(Cardigan: Savers/ Shirt: Target/ skirt: Savers/ Shoes: DSW)

Bathroom Selfies are always necessary.

(Jean Jacket: Torrid)

This day was the only beautiful day we had!

(jean dress: Old Navy/ Skirt: Savers)

This dress is so cute and fancy. You can't see the sparkly detail but its a stunning dress.

(Cardigan: Gift/ Dress: Macy's/ Shoes: Old Navy)

(Cardigan: JcPenny/ Dress: I Don't remember)

This Vendor was my favorite. I love books! The voice in my members told me "YOU DON'T NEED NO MORE BOOKS SIS!" So temperance, I bought nothing. lol.

(dress: Old Navy/ Skirt: Savers)

Last Night! Bitter Sweet!

(Dress: Grace by Design Boutique/ Shoes: DSW)

Sunday Best!

(Cardigan: Savers/ Shirt: Target/ Skirt: Fashion to Figure/ Shoes DSW)

At least ONE food picture. 😛

Mondays call for sightseeing and trying something new.


ATL was a pleasure to visit! The city is beautiful and the food is good!! Until next time ATL!

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