Monday, January 22, 2018

Seeking Perfection

Hey Beauties! I loved this outfit and just felt like man I need to document this! I wore this same outfit to a fellowship this past weekend and I decided to wear it again on Monday. The dress is from Old Navy and I love how it feels and it really compliments my shape well. I do have to add another skirt underneath but it's cool! What is new? lol. The scarf is actually made by my sister if you are interested in a custom made scarf shoot me an email!

So I have been obsessed with perfection. I really do care about this blog and all of my readers! I want to give yall the best content I can come up with and lately I have been picky picky and dry. While reading other style blogs for inspiration I compare where I am with this blog and I am not pleased. I want perfect pictures that capture these staged perfect moments and create dope content with some amazing aesthetics. BUT that's not where I am and that is just not totally me. I would love a personal photographer but I just have me and my Canon Rebel T3i we out here! haha. I can't get hung up on perfection. My ultimate desire is that my blog is helping someone. That's more important than perfect crisp photos. I do strive to get nice photos but I don't want that to deter me from posting on here! More style posts coming!

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