Friday, August 25, 2017

Back to School Inspiration

As much as we all don't want to hear it, School is back in session! I know, it feels like our summer slipped right through our fingers. Especially if you worked all summer like me. I had moments of vacation time and I tried my best to make the most of my summer but I do have to admit I slacked! I need to personally do better at taking time out to enjoy the life God has blessed me with. Also to enjoy the beauty that is around me. This world is filled with a lot of hate right now but there is also beauty and love in the midst. We just have to continue to show love and light through it all. On that note going back to school can be daunting and who really wants to go back? Not me! Here are some things you can consider that will start your year off right!

I was an unbeliever when it came to planners but I have been converted! Planners are a great way to plan your days out so you can manage your time wisely. Once school starts for me I will not only have school work but I will also have ministry and work from my job to do. That's a lot and can easily become overwhelming. Really good planners can be pricey but you don't have to spend a fortune on a planner. Just get one and try it out!

I love watching night routines and morning routines on youtube. I don't know why but I do. The only thing is they make me feel like I don't have my life together! It's like who does that every single day. nobody. Although I may not stick to it every time I would like to come up with routines especially a night time routine. The purpose of them is to keep you on track and productive. Doing the things that matter most to you and it schedules the little things that keep you sane into your busy schedule. like tea and a good book before bed.

You will not get everything done in a day. I bet if you had an extra 5 hours you would still not get everything done. So get real with your to do list. I started doing to do lists and found that I was adding everything to it but getting close to nothing done. I had too much on my list and most of it was unnecessary. So when planning your week out be real with yourself. I rather have a to do list of 5 things and have them all checked off then a list of 10 and only hit 2 of them.

Even if you have to schedule your quiet time with God, do that. Whenever you can get QUALITY time in, do what you have to do. Never give God the left overs of your day. He is so worthy of your best so if you are at your best in the morning get up a little earlier and vice versa. Keeping God first will open you up to a more productive and successful school year.

I am in a place where I just want to enjoy every stage of my life. School work is no fun but enjoy the process! Enjoy the experience. Enjoy the opportunity of learning new things. Enjoy the challenge of opening your mind to whats out there. Life will be so dreary if we don't learn to appreciate and find beauty in every moment of our lives. I hate sitting in class sometimes but I think about how the Lord has blessed me to be able to get an education. I also think about how I will leave the classroom smarter than when I came in. lol. Just Enjoy it all.

Hopefully, this mini list encouraged you and inspired you to do your best this school year! I am not excited about the papers I will need to write and the many homework assignments but I do plan on enjoying every moment of this season.

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What back to school tips do you have?

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